What is a Good Credit Score?

It can be easy enough to take a look at your credit report and see what is on it. However, it can be hard to know whether your credit report ss good or bad really. It is because you do not necessarily know what those judging you by are actually looking for. There are a few main things that they might be looking for and it is a good idea to think about these and then you will know what to try to do to make yours look good.

Making Payments on Time

It will appeal to those looking at your credit report if you are making payments on time. This is things like monthly payments for insurance, utility bills etc. They like to see that these are being paid in full, when needed and this will reassure them that you will do the same for them. If you miss the odd one, it could be okay, but it is best to assume that it will be best to make them all. It will also be good for you to pay things on time because otherwise you will have to pay charges and no one wants to pay these!

Repaying Loans

It is wise to also make sure that you make loan payments on time as well. You will find that the same applies as for making payments on time as you will find that it will look good if you make those payments and it will also benefit you if you are able to avoid the charges you will face if you make them late. If you can pay a bit extra or get some loans paid off completely then it can help you as well as this will show that you are capable of managing your money well and will also not look like you need to borrow so much money all of the time.

Not too Many Applications for Borrowing

If you have applied for lots of loans, whether you have been accepted or not, it might look bad on your credit report. It might look like you are desperate for money and that you are not in control of your spending. Therefore, you do need to be careful about this. It is also better for you to work hard of trying to live within your means that to always rely on borrowing. Obviously, there are times when borrowing is extremely useful and well worth doing, but there are also times when it can be best to not borrow money. Think about what you are borrowing and whether you think that it is a good reason for borrowing or if you feel that you might be able to do without the item, or maybe go without something else, so that you can afford it without having to borrow.

Not being Turned Down for Loans

If you apply for a loan and get turned down, then this is recorded on your credit record. This is a something that some people will look at and it will turn them off you without them then even looking at anything else that you have got on it. Therefore, try to avoid this if you can. If you are thinking of borrowing try to get in touch with the lender and see whether they will be able to let you know whether it is likely that you will get the loan or not and then you will not apply for one if you know that you will not get it.

A Permanent Job

It can be a good idea to also think about your employment status. You will be much more likely to have a good credit record if you are employed in a permanent position. Therefore, you may need to rethink your job.


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