We are trying our hardest to help people. We put our heads together and decided that one thing that we could do during these tough times is to help people manage there money better. We know that there are so many people that are struggling financially for all sorts of reasons. We therefore felt that if we could put some information together, we might be able to help. We know that there are a lot of people that are struggling with money because they do not have a good understanding of it. We therefore wanted to help with this and so have published some articles that we hope will help you. They contain information about picking financial products and what to think about when you are choosing between them. Also, about all sorts of other things that we hope will help. We have tried to cover quite a few different topics so there will be something that will be useful for everyone. We hope that they will help you to start to understand about the importance of taking time when making financial decisions and making sure that you have a good understanding of everything. It is a process and so the articles will just be the start. Hopefully they will motivate you to start making changes though and learning even more so you can see big improvements.