Where to Get Recommendations of Who to Bank With

It can be difficult choosing a bank. If you already have a bank that you use, then you might be reluctant to change to a different one because you might feel that it will not be as good as the one that you are with. However, if you are not that happy with them or feel that there must be others that are better, then you may wonder where you can go for help with recommendations for them. There are quite a few places that you can go, but some will be more useful than others, so it is good to think about which might be the best for you to try.

Ask Friends and Family

It can be great to speak to people that you know about this sort of thing. They will be unlikely to have any reason to be biased in their recommendations and they will also want to make sure that you do bank with the best possible place. It can be good to ask them what they like and dislike about the bank that they are with and whether they have been with others as well and what they thought of those. As with everything you look at, make sure that you think carefully about what you are looking for in a bank and then see which seems to match up the best with what you are looking for. So, if someone has a problem with a bank but it is not something you would be concerned by then there is no reason for you to reject it as a choice. However, if you have a specific thing you want from a bank and the one you are considering does not offer it, then it is a good idea to reject them and look elsewhere as it is very likely that there will be one that does have it.

Review Websites

There are a lot of websites that will review specific financial products and these can be a handy source of information. However, they may be biased so you need to be careful to think about whether you feel that the information on the site can be trusted. It is a good idea to think about who has made the site and whether they will have a reason to be biased. You may find that there are some sites like this that will earn money through commission they make on recommendations they make. While, there is nothing wring with doing this, it can mean that they will only be recommending banks that make them lots of money or they may recommend those more highly. They may end up ignoring some banks altogether as they may not provide any commission at all. Sites that do this should state that their links are affiliate ones and that they may earn commission from them and therefore you will be able to tell. Just be cautious but bear in mind that they could still be useful.

General Personal Finance Sites

There are some websites that just have general personal finance information and these might have information that could be handy. They could have the same problem as the above site, but they may also have some really useful information that you can use to help you while you are making your decision.

Banks Websites

Banks will have their own websites and looking at these can be a really useful way to find out more about the bank and what they offer as well as to get a feel for what they are like. You may even find a bit of information about the bank and their history which could be interesting.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor should be able to let you know which products will be best suited to your needs. However. You will have to pay them. This could be worth it if you feel that you will make that much money from their recommendations or if you feel that it will take you too much time to do it yourself.

Are Short Term Investments Worthwhile?

There are lots of companies that will advertise short term investments and it can be tempting to have a think about investing in them. Many will make big promises about returns on investments. It is worth knowing a bot about investments before you use any.

Long Term & Short Term

There are many types of investments and it is a good idea to have a look into them in more detail before plunging in. There are lots of types of investments and they may all potentially have a good return but are lots of things that you need to be aware of first. One of these is the difference between long and short term investments. Obviously, with a short term investment your money will not be invested for long and a long term investments will refer to anything beyond five or ten years.

An investment is when you buy something in the hope that it will go up in value. This can be anything from a painting to a house. Things like this do not go up in value really quickly, but they will usually fluctuate up and down but often in a general upward direction of that is averaged over a number of years. Of course, there is always a chance that it will go up in value in the short term but also that it will go down. There may also be costs associated with buying and selling and you will want to make sure that you cover the costs of these before you sell the investment so that you do not make a loss. This is why people are advised to keep investments for a long time. Then there is a much better chance that the value will increase and that they will be able to make a profit out of them.


Therefore, if you take on a short term investment, you are taking on quite a risk. This is because it could be very likely that the value of the investment will go down and this means that you could end up with less money than you started with. Many people feel that investments are like savings and the risk they are taking is just that they will not get any interest. But the risk is far greater than that – you could end up not getting any of your money back at all as it could turn out that the item that you have invested in is worthless and so you cannot sell it or so low in value that when you do sell it, you only get enough back to cover the costs.

It is therefore so important to make sure that you take investments seriously. Really do your research and make sure that you know what you are getting in to. You will find that there are lots of investment opportunities and the ones that promise large returns in the short term are very likely to be scams and the ones that promise a more gradual return over a long time are more likely to be opportunities worth looking into. Many people will use financial advisors to help them with this sort of thing as well. It is a big area and takes a lot of research and learning to understand it and so paying for someone to help you, can be extremely worthwhile and you could find that it will be something that could really help you to make sure that you take on the best investment for your particular circumstances at the risk level that you are prepared to take on.

What is a Good Credit Score?

It can be easy enough to take a look at your credit report and see what is on it. However, it can be hard to know whether your credit report ss good or bad really. It is because you do not necessarily know what those judging you by are actually looking for. There are a few main things that they might be looking for and it is a good idea to think about these and then you will know what to try to do to make yours look good.

Making Payments on Time

It will appeal to those looking at your credit report if you are making payments on time. This is things like monthly payments for insurance, utility bills etc. They like to see that these are being paid in full, when needed and this will reassure them that you will do the same for them. If you miss the odd one, it could be okay, but it is best to assume that it will be best to make them all. It will also be good for you to pay things on time because otherwise you will have to pay charges and no one wants to pay these!

Repaying Loans

It is wise to also make sure that you make loan payments on time as well. You will find that the same applies as for making payments on time as you will find that it will look good if you make those payments and it will also benefit you if you are able to avoid the charges you will face if you make them late. If you can pay a bit extra or get some loans paid off completely then it can help you as well as this will show that you are capable of managing your money well and will also not look like you need to borrow so much money all of the time.

Not too Many Applications for Borrowing

If you have applied for lots of loans, whether you have been accepted or not, it might look bad on your credit report. It might look like you are desperate for money and that you are not in control of your spending. Therefore, you do need to be careful about this. It is also better for you to work hard of trying to live within your means that to always rely on borrowing. Obviously, there are times when borrowing is extremely useful and well worth doing, but there are also times when it can be best to not borrow money. Think about what you are borrowing and whether you think that it is a good reason for borrowing or if you feel that you might be able to do without the item, or maybe go without something else, so that you can afford it without having to borrow.

Not being Turned Down for Loans

If you apply for a loan and get turned down, then this is recorded on your credit record. This is a something that some people will look at and it will turn them off you without them then even looking at anything else that you have got on it. Therefore, try to avoid this if you can. If you are thinking of borrowing try to get in touch with the lender and see whether they will be able to let you know whether it is likely that you will get the loan or not and then you will not apply for one if you know that you will not get it.

A Permanent Job

It can be a good idea to also think about your employment status. You will be much more likely to have a good credit record if you are employed in a permanent position. Therefore, you may need to rethink your job.

Do I Need to Budget in Order to Save Money?

There are lots of us that would like to save money. It can be nice to think that we will not be spending as much and we could use the money for all sorts of things. We might already have a purpose in mind, perhaps we want to save up for something or we want to pay off debts or just generally make sure that we have enough to keep us going to the end of the month. Whatever the reasoning, we will have to do something to make sure that we can achieve this. Budgeting could be a solution and it does have advantages, but there are other things which could help as well and it is a good idea to consider all of them.


By setting a budget, you will know how much money you are able to spend in certain areas. This means that you will be able to make sure that you do not spend more money than you can afford to. It can be a useful way to make sure that you are sticking to your goal and that you will have the money that you need. However, you will need to make sure that you allocate enough to each item by carefully calculating how much you will need. Sometimes, certain things that we pay for will change in price. For example, food prices might go up or we may pay more for utilities in the winter, so you will need to allow for this in your budgeting which can make it complicated.

Buying Cheaper

It can be a good idea to think about how much you are paying for the items that you buy. Whether you are sticking to a specific budget or not it is a good idea to make sure that you are comparing prices on the things that you buy. This is not only when you are in a shop choosing things, but also the things that you pay for regularly such as insurance or utilities. Make sure that you are not paying more than you need to. Of course, you might find that you are already paying the lowest or that you feel that paying less will not give you value for money. However, there are often things that we can switch where we will be able to pay less for them and will not notice much of a difference. This includes the things like insurance and utilities that we will not really notice a difference, although you will need to check that you are getting like for like when you switch over. It is always a good idea to compare prices whenever you are buying anything. It will take time, but you will soon get used to doing it and it could lead to you spending a lot less money and you will be able to use that money for other things.

Buying Less

It can be a good idea to also think about whether you should be buying less things. It is wise to think about it whenever you buy something. Consider whether it is something that you really need or whether you can make do without it. Also look at things that you pay for automatically, such as subscriptions and think about whether they are something that you make good use of. You may even find things that you had forgotten you had signed up to and decide that you would rather now do without.

So, although budgeting can be useful, there are also other techniques that you can use to help you to save money. It can be good to use a combination of techniques or try different things until you find something that will work out well for you.

Will a Payday Loan be Enough?

There can often be questions that have in our minds when we are thinking about taking out a loan. This is a good thing, as we should be thinking hard about our decision to borrow money and whether it is something that we should be doing. We should also be thinking about the different types of loans and comparing them to see which will best for our needs. We should have an idea of what we want form a loan and a lender and this will allow us to be able to pick the best loan type for our needs. One of the first things that we will be looking in to will be how much money we will be able to borrow using a loan.

How Much Do Payday Lenders Lend?

As with all lenders, the amount that a payday lender will offer, will vary between different lenders. You will find that you can borrow different amounts form different amounts form different ones and it might even be the case that you will find that how much they lend will depend on the person who wants the money. Mainstream borrowers will tend to do a credit check and they will base the amount that they are willing to lend partly on this. However, it will not be the only criteria. A payday lenders will not base the amount the lend on this. They will normally tend to lend an amount between £100 and £1,000 but this will vary. It is worth finding out before you apply, so that you can be sure that the lender you are applying to will have an amount of money that will suit you.

How Much Can I Borrow?

You may find though, that a payday lender may not lend you the maximum amount of money automatically. As these lenders do not base how much they lend you on a credit check, they have to use another way of deciding how they are going to decide how much to lend you. They will not always want to lend lots of money to a first time borrower you see. If you have borrowed form them before and paid it back on time, then they may be more willing to lend you more money this time. However, if you have not repaid them on time before or if you are a first time borrower, it is a possibility that you will only be allowed to borrow a small amount to start with. This may vary depending on the lender though and some may be willing to take a higher risk than others and therefore it is well worth checking out what they are prepared to lend to you.

How Much Should I Borrow?

It is also worth thinking about what you should be borrowing from them. It is wise to actually make sure that you borrow as little as possible whenever you take out a loan. This is because you will have to pay interest on all of the money that you borrow. The interest will be lower if you borrow less. Therefore, it can be a good idea to borrow the smallest amount that you can. So, think about what you need and whether you have any savings or money tucked away that you can use towards it, so that you only borrow what you really need. It can always be tempting to get a bit extra, but you will have to pay it back and quickly, so it is not worth treating yourself this way.