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About FRARS - general information.

Written by: G4POF ( John Hart ) Friday, 13 November 2015

Click for full size imageOur premises are located at Wimborne, Dorset.

Our Address is:

Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society
c/o Cobham Sports & Social Club
Merley Park Road
Merley, Wimborme
Dorset BH21 3DA

Club nights:


Opening hours:

19:00 to 22:00

The Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society (FRARS) was founded in 1982 by employees of Flight Refuelling (Now Cobham PLC). The Society is an affiliated member of the Radio Society of Great britain (RSGB).

The club has a variety of members with wide-ranging interests. There are members who contest on every band from DC to light, and groups who just enjoy the company of like-minded people that can be found at the club.

There is also interest at both extremes of the radio spectrum with members who are interested in microwave and members interested in LF operation.

In recent years club members have taken an interest in computing and the internet. Computing and especially wireless networking is now becoming a part of the radio hobby and is embraced at FRARS.

The club meets every Wednesday and Sunday evening in the club house at 19:30 for 20:00. Wednesdays begin with a short announcement of what has been happening with the club and any news, Sundays are a social night where people just come to chat.

The club facilities are available every club night for members to use.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member or who just wants to know "Hey! What's this all about?" is more than welcome on either of the club nights where they will receive a warm welcome.

If your interested in joining one of the UK's finest radio societies, then click the 'joining FRARS' link below.


  • Facilities available at FRARS [Click here]
  • Joining FRARS [Click here]

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    FRARS Features

    FRARS Clothing

    Get your FRARS sweatshirt, polo shirt or cap embroidered with your callsign!

    Getting Licensed
    FRARS runs regular courses to help you prepare for your amateur radio licence.
    For more information Click here

    UK Microwave Group

    In early 2004 the UK Microwave Group (UKuG) became the representative voice of the UK amateur radio microwave en­thusiast after the RSGB disbanded its own Microwave

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