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Joining FRARS

Why should you join FRARS??

Written by: G4POF ( John Hart ) Sunday, 18 March 2018

Click for full size imageThe Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society is one of the UK's most active amateur radio clubs, and has a wide range of members whose interests literally cover DC to light.

If you are just beginning this exciting hobby as a short wave listener, then FRARS has excellent facilities, which you may use. Large HF antennas and associated equipment are available for members use, so you’ll be able to listen to anything on earth.

If listening to transmissions from beyond earth interests you, then FRARS has extensive satellite monitoring facilities, complete with a tracking antenna array capable of tracking low earth orbit satellites – We even have a 4-metre dish for communicating by bouncing signals off of the moon!

If you wish to progress from a short wave listener, then FRARS offers a foundation course to get you started in Amateur Radio. We also offer Intermediate license training and Full license revision. We are an authorised exam centre for the official amateur radio license exams for which our courses are renowned. The courses are regularly revised to keep up to date with the latest licensing requirements.
As a member you’ll be entitled to take this course, and of course you’ll have the full support of the membership during the Sunday and Wednesday meetings.

FRARS members are also active outside the club meeting evenings, with experiments and tests often going on most weekends. If you have an interest in Wireless Networking then why not join in the link test experiments that FRARS members undertake from time to time.

FRARS also hold a once yearly ‘Hamfest’, which brings a large amount of new and second-hand radio and computer equipment to a field event at the clubs headquarters in Wimborne. This is an exciting event for the radio society and offers the chance to meet the majority of members and have a pre-Hamfest meal and drink – an excellent social event.

Perhaps you’ve not experienced contesting? FRARS enters and competes in many contests throughout the year, from HF Morse, through the VHF contests up to the Microwave cumulatives. As a FRARS member you’d be more than welcome to come along and experience the contest atmosphere and radio pile-ups. Contests aren’t all radio though – we usually have a barbecue and a few bottles of wine to round off the day…

Of course, there may be something that FRARS isn’t doing at the moment – if there is something your particularly interested in, then come on up to the club, and discuss it with the other members, you’ll often find plenty of enthusiasm and support.

So, now you know a little about what FRARS does, what are you waiting for?

To join FRARS, simply come along to a Wednesday or Sunday meeting, and speak to the secretary or treasurer who will be pleased to welcome you to the club.
(Original article by Jules G0NZO. Revised 2018 by John G4POF)


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    FRARS Clothing

    Get your FRARS sweatshirt, polo shirt or cap embroidered with your callsign!

    Getting Licensed
    FRARS runs regular courses to help you prepare for your amateur radio licence.
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    UK Microwave Group

    In early 2004 the UK Microwave Group (UKuG) became the representative voice of the UK amateur radio microwave en­thusiast after the RSGB disbanded its own Microwave

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