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Wireless LAN Links

Wireless LAN Links

Written by: G4RFR ( FRARS ) Tuesday, 2 April 2002

Below are a collection of links to other Wireless LAN project groups. If you think your site should be here, link to us, and drop us a mail. Should you wish to link to the FRARS WLAN working group, use the link http://www.frars.org.uk/cgi-bin/render.pl?pageid=999999

Thank you.

The WLAN working group.


  • Kismet Wireless sniffer - probably one of the best around [Click here]
  • Irish WLAN group [Click here]
  • A wireless audit of London [Click here]
  • Martlesham Wireless Group [Click here]
  • Wi-Fi (excellant selection of WLAN links) [Click here]
  • Wireless Leiden Homepage [Click here]
  • Slotted Waveguides for WLAN use [Click here]
  • Geoff Jukes community wireless site [Click here]
  • Opensource 802.11b access point project [Click here]
  • Green Bay Professional Packet Radio [Click here]
  • Malaga Wireless - An excellent article on 802.11b experiments [Click here]
  • French WLAN tests - interesting article [Click here]
  • Netstumbler forums - interesting chat about WLAN [Click here]
  • Wardriving dot com - WLAN news and features [Click here]
  • UK Wireless campaign [Click here]
  • 1km WLAN link in Egypt [Click here]
  • 2.4Ghz omni antenna [Click here]
  • Description of various WLAN cards [Click here]
  • Prism II tweaking [Click here]
  • Personal Telco [Click here]
  • Alton, Hampshire WLAN group [Click here]
  • Wireless tools for Linux [Click here]
  • Linux WLAN project (drivers etc) [Click here]
  • Guerrilla Net antenna resources [Click here]
  • Consume Net - Brighton [Click here]
  • Melbourne Wireless Group [Click here]
  • Wireless equipment source in the UK! [Click here]

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