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Links to Radio Related Sites

Links to radio related sites

Written by: G0NZO ( Jules Smith ) Monday, 8 February 2016

Amateur Radio in the news

Dorset, UK Amateur Radio Societies/groups
Pages contain lots of Amateur Radio links


  • Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society [Click here]

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    FRARS Features

    FRARS Clothing

    Get your FRARS sweatshirt, polo shirt or cap embroidered with your callsign!

    Getting Licensed
    FRARS runs regular courses to help you prepare for your amateur radio licence.
    For more information Click here

    UK Microwave Group

    In early 2004 the UK Microwave Group (UKuG) became the representative voice of the UK amateur radio microwave en­thusiast after the RSGB disbanded its own Microwave

    Official website:


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