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knowledge   Coax stubs by g0nzo

Some real world measurements, on coaxial stubs.


Trader's Booking Form available to Download. Hamfest Sunday Aug 12th 2018

keyboard  Contact Us by G4pof

Details of how to contact FRARS

home  Bonzo flies again by g0nzo

BONZO7 Not-So-High altitude balloon flight.

home  LVB tracker software V 0.10d by g0nzo

Draft PIC code for the LVB tracker board.
This has support for 10th's of a degree and a fix to the display init to support VFD in place of LCD.

radio1  LF/MF Operating (pdf file) by g4jnt

Slides from the presentation by G4JNT / G0API Feb 2013

wxsat  Continuing adventures of Bonzo by g0nzo

An overview of our latest foil balloon flight.

pcb  LiPo and Li-ion batteries by g0nzo

A discussion of my experiments using modern technology batteries for powering a low power Amateur transciever for portable operations.

wxsat  High Altitude Balloon flight by g0nzo

A review of releasing an amateur high altitude balloon, into near space.

home  Contest awards and certificates by G4pof

RSGB Centenary award help and the contest award collection at FRARS

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