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FRARS Picture Gallery

Some pictures of FRARS events past and present.

Written by: G4RFR ( FRARS ) Monday, 20 May 2002

Attachments: (Click to view/download):
10Ghz cumulative1.jpg 10Ghz cumulative2.jpg 10Ghz moonbounce.jpg 10Ghz wideband contest.jpg
13cm dish on contest.jpg 1986 nfd 2m antennas.jpg 1991 frars summer bbq1.jpg 1991 frars summer bbq2.jpg
20170513 134133 resized.jpg 2m antenna about to go up.jpg 2m box of four.jpg 2m contest station2.jpg
2m contest station operator.jpg 70cm loop yagis purbecks.jpg 70cms contest feb 1986.jpg 70Mhz antenna adjustments.jpg
70Mhz mast oops1.jpg 70Mhz mast oops2.jpg another wet contest.jpg antenna tower maintainence 1991.jpg
bogde-a-tronics 1986.jpg contest1.jpg contest2.jpg contest 2m station.jpg
dartmoor contest 1987.jpg emegroup1.jpg FRARS cert Table.JPG FRARS certs 1.JPG
frars club.JPG FRARS computer subsection 198x.jpg g3pfm 4m operator nfd 1991.jpg g3ygf pa 13cm.jpg
hamfest.jpg Hamfest08.jpg Hamfest car boot.jpg Hamfest crowd.jpg
hf beam maintainance.jpg HF Optibeam 1.jpg jota 1982.jpg jota 1985.jpg
jota 1986.jpg july 1985 vhf nfd 23cm antennas.jpg july 1985 vhf nfd 70cms.jpg nfd contest station 70cm.jpg
nfd july 1986 g0api.jpg old contest store.jpg    

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