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Sitecom USB adapter

Some technical information on the sitecom USB adapter.

Written by: G4RFR ( FRARS ) Tuesday, 2 April 2002

Click for full size imageIn the UK, PC World recently started stocking the sitecom line of wireless lan products, and among these are the USB wireless adapter. This type of wireless card has the advantage in that it can be located around 5 meters away from the PC's usb port, with the help of a USB extension cable.

When implementing point to point links, with high gain external antenna's, it is better to have the wireless transceiver near the antenna to cut down any cable losses that occur with long RF leads.

The sitecom cards have an external antenna connector, although the factory do not recommend using this. In conversation with them, they say that it's for internal antenna calibration only. On further investigation, this turns out to be false as plugging in an external antenna disconnects the on board antenna.

I have modified my card by removing the existing connector and fitting a good quality SMA to provide an RF connection.

If you want to accrue a suitable connector to fit your sitecom card then they are made by IMS connector systems. The part number for the mating plug is 2255.93.1420.0

The picture below shows a scan of the RF side of the PCB in the USB wireless card, with a magnified image of the RF connector.

This USB adapter uses the Atmel USB microcontroller to provide comms between the USB bus and the prism wireless chipset. The Atmel device is an AT76C503A. This card will also work with the Dlink DWL120 drivers as it seems to be based on the same components.


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