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FRARS WLAN antenna testing day

The date has been set for the FRARS Wireless LAN antenna testing day.....read on for details.....

Written by: G4RFR ( FRARS ) Saturday, 27 April 2002

Click for full size imageAfter many months of planning, the date has finally been set for the FRARS Wireless lan antenna testing day.

Sunday the 9th of June is the date, and the place is the FRARS HQ in Wimborne, Dorset. The start time will be 10:00AM but FRARS members will no doubt be there earlier.

Follow the 'where are we' link in the side bar for directions to our club.

We will be pleased to test any antenna's that you would like to bring along, either home-made or commercial - and offer you advice on getting the best out of your antenna / wireless LAN equipment.

We will have people who have extensive knowledge of propagation and who have performed many tests - I'm sure they wont mind if you pick their brains.

We will also have people on hand who have experience of getting wireless cards going in various operating systems.

For polar plots, we'll have Carl (G6NLC) and his computer controlled polar-plotter. We will also have SWR measurement facilities and of course plenty of people with antenna building knowledge to help you adjust your antenna's and get the best performance out of them.

You may have old Wireless LAN kit around, so why not bring that along - someone may give you some beer money for it. (A mini swap-meet if you like)

There is a sports and social club where drinks and food can be purchased, or BBQ facilities will be made available for all.

Above all, it will be a fun day, and hopefully some interesting information will be exchanged. If you have any further questions on the antenna testing day, please email any of the FRARS Wireless LAN working group.

The FRARS WLAN group was founded by Neil (M1NCD), Steve (M1FBB), Carl (G6NLC) and Paul (G7EYT)


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