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Changing Prism 2 reg. domain

A brief descrpition of how to change your Prism II based wireless lan cards regulatory domain / MAC address

Written by: G4RFR ( FRARS ) Sunday, 14 April 2002

Click for full size imageThe quest for being able to change the regulatory domain of the prism 2 wireless lan card started when I purchased a card, not knowing the region, only to find it was set for FCC. This gave me 11 channels - but of course in the UK we are allowed 13.

After investigating how the cards were configured, a simple and repeatable procedure was assembled in order to be able to change the region.

Firstly, this procedure could break your card if you dont know what your doing. Obviously it will be done at your own risk.

The Win32 program, update.zip below, needs to be extracted and installed. This will give you a firmware update tool that's compatible with the majority of prism2 cards. If your card is not seen by this tool, simply get the Compaq WL100 drivers and force them to install and be used. Use the update driver method.

The PDA files attached are for ETSI, Japan, FCC and Canada domains.

After selecting and downloading the required .pda file, simply start the flash utility, click add file, and point at the .pda file. Next, click add file again, and select your firmware. The pda is only written to the card when the firmware is written.

Notice there is a facility to change your MAC address. You should ideally change the MAC address in the .pda file before flashing the card. On Line 4 you will see something similar to 4 101 addy addy addy which is the MAC.

If you have sucess with this, or I've missed an important step, please drop me an e-mail and let me know.


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  • Attachments: (Click to view/download):
    canada.pda ETSI.pda fcc.pda japan.pda
    S10008C3.HEX update.zip    

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